God of War” Will Smith hit the MOD out of this punch out of the twilight of the gods

In the world of game mods, you can realize all kinds of wild or interesting fantasies, and even make realistic characters appear in the game.

Inspired by the two-day "Will Smith Oscar beating" fiasco, foreign MOD god Omega Fantasy for "God of War" produced a new MOD, he turned Qui Gong and Badr into Shi Huang and was beaten award winner Chris Rock, staged a good show.

Will Smith fights Chris Rock - God of War REMATCH!

With the power of God's two people, the fight can be more intense than the Oscar scene, and this time Chris Rock is no longer passive "slapped", but decisively respond with fists Shi Huang, and even once temporarily prevailed. But of course, the reality of this exercise of violence is not right, the game only for your pleasure.

Omega Fantasy also provides a download of this MOD, but it is a fee. Address >>>>


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