God of War Ragnarök to determine the November 9 release

The official account of Santa Monica Studio, developer of God of War Ragnarök coming to PS5/PS4 on November 9th, 2022.

This is the canonical sequel to "God of War 4", the twilight of the gods is coming, players will embark on a series of thrilling adventures.

At the same time, the official also announced a new trailer, showing a large number of new work screen.

According to the official news, the game pre-order will be opened at 10 pm Beijing time on July 15.

In addition to the standard version of the game there are several versions to choose from, the price is different, the content included is also different, as follows.

Pre-order version can additionally get Kredos Suetsu armor and Atreus Suetsu corset top (appearance).

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the full version of the game for PS4 and PS5, as well as Kredos Black Valley armor, Atreus Black Valley costume (appearance), Chaos Twin Blade with Black Valley Twin Blade handle, Leviathan Axe with Black Valley Axe handle, God of War: Twilight of the Gods official digital soundtrack, Dark Horse mini digital art set, personal look set, and PlayStation 4 theme.

The Collector's Edition includes all content from the Digital Deluxe Edition (except the full game), as well as a redemption voucher code for the God of War: Twilight of the Gods PS4/5 version of the full game, a Steelbook presentation box, a 5cm Warner Gods Twin statue, a Dwarf dice set, and a 40cm Thor's Hammer model.

Finally there is the Giant Edition, including all the content of the Digital Deluxe Edition (except the full game), "God of War: Twilight of the Gods" PS4/5 version of the full game redemption voucher code, Bear McCreary composed 18cm vinyl records, eagle, bear, wolf-shaped pin set, the legendary Draupnir ring, Brock's dice set, the world tree cloth map, Steelbook display box, 5cm Warner Gods twin statue, 40cm Thor's hammer model.

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