Follow Microsoft’s example: Sony is also going to insert ads in PS games

Earlier, there was news that Microsoft planned to insert ads within the Xbox console's free games. Today, a person familiar with the matter broke the news that Sony also plans to insert advertisements within its own console.

It is reported that Sony is working with its advertising technology partners to develop new software so that ads can be inserted into PS console games, an idea that officials say is intended to increase profitability channels and encourage developers to continue developing free games.

In the form of advertising, and Microsoft, Sony also hopes that advertising can be integrated into the game, such as advertising on the billboard within the game, but also for the user to watch the ads to provide incentives to attract viewing.

However, unlike Microsoft, which has made it clear that it will not profit from advertising, Sony's current attitude is quite wavering and is still considering whether to take a cut from advertising revenue.

It's worth mentioning that according to the executive of Omnicom's gaming and esports division, a well-known advertising group, clients still have concerns about placing ads in games.

On the one hand, Sony and Microsoft both insist that they will not provide user data to the advertising platform, which makes it difficult to guarantee the effectiveness of targeted advertising; on the other hand, clients do not want their ads to appear in games with violent elements.

Author: King
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