“FF7 Core Crisis: Reintegration” is between a replica and a remake

In a recent interview, Square Enix producer Tetsuya Nomura revealed to the media the origin of the game name "Final Fantasy 7: Core Crisis Reintegration", saying that the game connects "Final Fantasy 7" and "Core Crisis", and is a work between "remake" and "replica".

Tetsuya Nomura said in the interview:

There are many reasons for this. The word "reintegration" is very important in the story of "Final Fantasy 7". There is a fundamental meaning to this game. Since the story of Core Crisis plays an important role in the continuity, we wanted to convey a sense of gravity and the feeling that events are necessary. I think the word "reintegration" expresses it all.

In the context of the Final Fantasy 7: Remastered trilogy, Core Crisis is a prequel whose story can be considered an introductory chapter. Given the way the plot fits into the main story of Final Fantasy 7, the subtitle "Reintegration" should also convey the idea of combining the story of Core Crisis with the story of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy.

The last reason is that, as we said before, we can't decide whether this is a remake or a retrospective. Using a subtitle similar to the chapters in the Remastered series gives us the impression that each entry conveys a different meaning. Not a remake, not a remaster, but and with both in between.

Final Fantasy 7: Core Crisis Reintegration" will be released in the winter of 2022, landing on PC, Xbox, PS and Switch platforms.

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