Epic India zone appeared big fleece 40 cents into the “FIFA 23” Ultimate Edition

"FIFA 23" has been opened for pre-order yesterday, Epic price is 248 yuan for the normal version, 338 yuan for the ultimate version. However, there are some "hiccups" in the Epic store in India - 4.8 rupees (about 40 cents) can buy the ultimate version of FIFA 23. According to the feedback of users, many people have gleaned the wool, successfully ordered the ultimate version of 40 cents, but the loophole has been fixed. For those players who got into the low price will not be refunded, the official has not yet made a response.

Players who pre-order the Standard Edition of FIFA 23 before September 30 will receive.

  • -FUT Team of the Week 1 player item (non-tradable)
  • -Kylian Mbappé rental item for 5 FUT matches
  • -FUT Ambassador loan player pick for 3 FUT matches
  • -Career mode local talent, local young stars with world class potential

Players who pre-order the FIFA 23 Standard Ultimate Edition before August 21 will receive, in addition to the above, additional: limited-time FIFA World Cup FUT Hero player items (non-tradable), FUT Focus player items (non-tradable), a three-day early sneak preview and 4600 FIFA points.

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