Elden Ring v1.03.2 patch updeta: fixing the death cycle

FromSoftware has released an invasion fix patch as quickly as possible in an attempt to fix the devastating bug where players are maliciously teleported outside the map coordinates after an invasion, thus falling into a dead loop and crashing their files. The publisher said that the game will be forced to install the patch unless the player plays offline. As to whether the patch can solve the dead loop and bad file problem that players are worried about, remains to be seen, this kind of invasion exploit as early as in the Dark Souls era has been widely known, belong to FS ancestral exploit.

The updates are as follows:

  • -Fix a bug that caused players to be unable to advance the Neferi-Lou quest line.
  • -Fix a bug that caused players to die when jumping from a point near the Temple of the Beast.
  • -Fix a bug that caused Battle Ash: Endurance to not take effect.
  • -Fix a bug that allowed players to teleport other players to the wrong map location when playing online.

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