Diablo 4 leaked equipment system controversy

Diablo 4 seems to be undergoing internal testing recently, and a live demo video containing the character's face was leaked earlier. Recently leaked content about the game's loot drops and trading system flowed out and sparked a lot of discussion among players.

The leaks indicate that Diablo 4 will have limited trading, with most rare items being untradeable and low-level items being available for limited trading.

Diablo 4 will also feature a smart drop mechanic similar to Diablo 3: the game will generate your drop items and attributes based on the character used by the player, rather than from a pool of all drops.

This leaked content has sparked a lot of debate among players. Players who support smart loot believe that this drop is convenient and ensures that most equipment is available.

Some players feel it doesn't matter, the smart drop mechanic doesn't affect their normal play (the chance of triggering smart drops in Diablo 3 is 85%).

Opposing players say that brushing up on powerful items from other professions will prompt players to try out new characters, and smart drops reduce that chance.

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