Denuvo encryption for Switch won’t affect performance

Recently, Irdeto, the developer of the well-known anti-tamper protection tool Denuvo, announced the launch of the Denuvo Nintendo Switch Protection tool to protect games on the Nintendo Switch platform.

In theory, logging in to the Switch with D encryption will effectively prevent the simulator from running the cracked version of Switch games, but this tool has not been supported by Switch players, which is deeply related to the serious impact of D encryption on performance on the PC side.

The good news is that today, Irdeto responded to players' concerns, making it clear that D-encryption for Switch games won't affect performance.

Irdeto said that the D encryption on the Switch adopts a new solution, which only works for non-performance critical codes, will not affect the player's game experience, and will not have any impact on game performance.

At the same time, the official said that D encryption will use a completely offline inspection mechanism on the Switch, which does not require users to verify online to start the game.

In addition, Irdeto also made it clear that Nintendo has never officially participated in the Switch Denuvo program, and they have only developed corresponding tools for user needs, which means that Nintendo’s first-party games will likely not use D encryption.

Author: King
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