Crystal Dynamics announces new Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics announced at today's Unreal Engine launch event that it is using the latest generation of the UE5 engine to develop a new Tomb Raider: the last Tomb Raider title came from Eidos Montreal studio, and Crystal Dynamics has been busy in recent years with Marvel's reunion games, as well as Microsoft's new "Perfect Dark". For this reason, the unit is recruiting a wide range of people to provide Lara Croft fans with a "blockbuster-level action-adventure experience:"

The development unit did not specify when the new work can meet with players, and did not clarify the doubts of PC players: whether the UE5 work comes with EGS exclusive properties? Previously, the Polish donkey had vaguely said that the new "hunter hunter" that switched to the UE5 engine was not a platform exclusive.

Jason Slama, director of game development at CDPR, explained why the company abandoned its own REDengine engine in favor of UE5.

"(In the open world), players can travel in all directions and have a variety of mission sequences, for which developers need an extremely stable game environment that doesn't move here and there and crash frequently."

Jakub Knapik, art director for visual effects and lighting, said the UE engine is similar to a toolbox, providing many ready-made features and solutions that allow creators to focus on their work without distractions. The UE engine is widely used and is the result of collective wisdom, providing tools (far more flexible than its own REDengine engine) that work well.

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