Blaze new Classic arcade game console Evercade EXP announced

Blaze Entertainment is a British console maker. It previously released a home classic console called Evercade VS in December 2021. Blaze has announced a new classic game console called the Evercade EXP. All focused on bringing classic arcade games to modern consoles.

The EXP includes a faster processor that the company says will offer performance similar to Evercade VS home consoles, a higher resolution screen, built-in WiFi, new L2/R2 trigger and Tate mode buttons.

Tate Mode was designed for arcade games with vertical screens, allowing the player to hold the handheld device upright, but still having a d-pad and two action buttons below the screen.

Tate Mode will be heavily used in the Toaplan Aracde 1 arcade game collection cartridges that ship with the EXP console. The cartridge-compatible Tate games include Alcon, Flying Shark, Tiger-Heli, and Truxton.

The EXP will also include the IREM Arcade 1 cassette, which includes six games including R-Type, In the Hunt, and Moon Patrol.

It is set for a winter 2022 release and will cost £129.99 / $149.99 / €149.99.

As part of the announcement, Blaze confirmed that the original Evercade Handheld will be discontinued and that future cartridges are only guaranteed to run on original Evercade Handheld with firmware version 2.x or higher. The company also says it will expand the list of platforms the system can emulate in the coming year. The list now includes arcade games as well as consoles and portable devices from all eras, from the Atari 2600 to the original PlayStation.

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