“Black Myth: Wu Kong” new screenshots released

Today, the much-anticipated domestic 3A masterpiece "Black Myth: Wu Kong" released a new 12-minute Unreal 5 live demo trailer, the video content based on EPIC GAMES developed Unreal Engine 5 (Unreal Engine 5) live recording, the use of NVIDIA's DLSS technology, support for 4K resolution and Dolby Atmos.

After the announcement of the trailer, the official website was updated with a large number of live screenshots, original paintings and wallpapers of the game.

Above the frozen river, between the lightning and thunder, ice and snow, Wu Kong fierce battle White Dragon, fierce battle, the scene is magnificent.

In addition to this, live screenshots also show Wu Kong and the battle of demons and monsters, scenes including bamboo forests, valleys, wilderness, etc..

According to the official introduction, "Black Mythology: Wu Kong" will use a one-time buyout system of the classic single-player payment model, the future does not exclude the release of DLC and non-numerical content content.

Officially, "Black Mythology: Wu Kong" will land on PC + all mainstream host platforms, but also does not exclude the cloud game platform that can smoothly run the end game.

It is reported that "Black Mythology: Wu Kong" is an action-adventure game to "Journey to the West" as the background, Wu Kong can use the "72 changes", such as disguised as a golden cicada to avoid combat, copper head and iron arms to resist damage, blowing hair into a soldier to launch the shadow body, but also by using magic treasures to transform into apes and monkeys, human wolves, etc..

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