Activision Blizzard acquisition approved by Brazil

The Brazilian Economic Protection Administration (CADE) approved Microsoft's acquisition of Activision-Blizzard this Wednesday without any restrictions.

Considering Call of Duty's immense popularity, CADE believes that once Sony loses Call of Duty, some PlayStation users will then move to Xbox or even PC platforms, but more loyal players may also say goodbye to the series and play only the games offered on PlayStation platforms.

CADE also believes that Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard is not for charity, but to promote the popularity of Xbox and Game Pass business, although Call of Duty will lose some sales and popularity when it becomes exclusive to Microsoft.

activision blizzard acquisition approved by brazil

CADE think SONY lost duty not disruptive effects on the game industry ecology, monopoly itself is part of ecology, such as SONY own exclusive was for many years, which has the industry's most rich experience, the largest user base, installed capacity, highest group of eminent exclusive works, close the distributor network, brand loyal users, Even without the Activision Blizzard portfolio, the PlayStation brand will remain competitive.

"It is important to note that CADE's starting point in protecting competition is to defend the interests of Brazilian consumers, not the interests of one of the parties involved in the competition. Therefore, although we can foresee a subsequent shift of some Sony players to Microsoft platforms when Call of Duty is exclusive to Microsoft, this possibility will not jeopardize industry competition."

activision blizzard acquisition approved by brazil 1

In addition to Brazil, Saudi Arabia approved the acquisition back in August; the U.S. FTC is likely to rule on it by the end of November; and the U.K. regulator will make a decision by March 1 next year. Sony will put all its hopes on the British and European regulatory authorities.

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