Elden Ring v1.02.2 update released: fix flashbacks, performance issues

February 25, Miyazaki Hidetaka soul system new work "Elden Ring" officially in the PS5, PS4, Xbox, Steam platform on sale, get many game media almost full evaluation, IGN is for this work scored 10 points.

However, a number of players said that in the game lag, black screen, flashback and other problems, the official also released the first time patch to optimize.

Today, according to the official news of "Elden Ring", PC and PS5 version of the 1.02.2 update patch is now released, mainly to solve the game flashback and performance problems.

PC patch update:

  • Fix performance issues caused by unrecognized graphics cards.
  • Fix the flashback issue that occurs in some cases when fighting with Flaming Giant.
  • Fix other bugs.

PS5 patch update:

  • Change to save progress even if the game is not terminated.

According to SteamDB data, the peak number of "Elden Ring" online play recently reached 891,638 people, close to 900,000, the peak number of Steam online play ranked seventh in history.

And according to the statistics of SteamSpy, the first week of Steam sales of "Elden Ring" exceeded 5 million sets.

It should be noted that SteamSpy can only reflect the approximate sales of a game, it counts the number of players who own the game and only tracks public accounts, so some of the players who bought the game, but not publicly, will not be included in the statistics.

Before the deadline, "Elden Ring" Steam rating is "mostly positive", with a positive rating of 78%.

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