5 seconds shorter XSX/XSS console boot time is faster

Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie confirmed that the cold boot time (i.e. the time it takes for a console to boot from a complete power failure) is faster for Xbox Insider members.

She tweeted, "I was asked this question and I admit I didn't know, but I tested it and yes, the XSX|S console's startup animation and cold boot time have been shortened in the latest Insider release."

This was later confirmed by Josh Munsee, director of integrated marketing for Xbox, who said he had worked with two other staff members to help reduce startup time by shortening the animations that play when the console starts. "Can confirm - I worked with @harrisonhoffman and @jakerose27 to turn the original startup animation (9 seconds) into a shorter startup animation (4 seconds) that helped reduce the overall startup time," he wrote.

Subsequently, Xbox News reporter Idle Sloth tested this and confirmed the claim, with the original launch time totaling around 20 seconds, and now it's 15 seconds.

If the current Insider version is fully tested, it will be pushed out to all Xbox Series X/S users as part of the standard system update, which according to Idle Sloth means users will all be able to experience this 5-second speedup in August.

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